Word of Mouth

Pam's Apple Butter took me back in time to when my mother would work all day making small batches.  The love and care my mother put into her own Apple Butter will never be duplicated, but Pam sure knows how to compete!  When our packaged arrived, we quickly opened the box to find each jar lovingly wrapped and packaged.  I snatched a spoon from the drawer and had a "little" taste, not expecting the memories to come flooding in.  I am so glad we made this purchase and we plan on buying more in the very near future!  Thanks Pam!!

Frankie G

If you want gourmet jam, look no further.  Delicately and beautifully packaged, I immediately headed to the kitchen to load the toaster.  The Blueberry Jam is full of REAL blueberry.  Thank you Pam for the most delicious treat!

April S

I made a quick piece of toast and tried the Strawberry Lemon Marmalade.  Now I need my husband to go buy some really good Brioche bread to keep up with the jam.  Best marmalade ever!  The strawberry mellows the lemon out and the lemon shows the strawberry how much better her flavor can be!  Well done!!

Carol G